Sometimes a draughty window or door can be rectified without the cost of replacement. We can assess the problem and suggest options for repair such as replacement hinges or handles. Some minor damage to PVC can also be looked at with a view to repair.


If your double glazing is misting up (condensation between the glass) it will not function efficiently and obscures your view. We can replace the double glazed unit for you at competitive prices

  • Misted up Double glazing
  • Broken glass
  • Windows not closing
  • Windows not opening
  • Door difficult to lock
  • Draughty windows
  • Handles not working
  • Letterbox broken
  • Broken window handles
  • Replacement window hinges




You may have just moved into your house and wonder who else may have a key. We can provide a quotation to replace your locks ensuring you know exactly who has a key.


Your lock may be difficult to lock or unlock. We can look to repair or replace to rectify the problem.


You may want to upgrade the security of your property. We can recommend locks that may suit your requirements


  • Lock Replacement
  • PVC Door lock mechanisms
  • repair/replace
  • Improved security
  • Lock upgrades
  • Garage door locks
  • Window locks




You may wish to upgrade your property to PVC windows and doors to improve your homes look and value or just looking for energy efficient double glazing for your home. We are happy to survey and provide a no obigation quotation. The frames we install are  A rated and come with energy saving coated glass as standard. Residential doors come with high security hook locking mechanism as standard.


We have years of experience in the installation of these products always ensuring a quality finish and a clean and tidy job.

  • Inliten A Rated PVC windows and doors by Camden
  • Colour Options available
  • Various styles available